The What and How of Customer Measurement!

Why is it important for Nike to have a dedicated Twitter page (@NikeService) to respond to consumers needs 24 hours a day in seven languages. One answer is ENGAGEMENT.

Why do retailer invest in technology innovations like visual search, augmented reality and omni-channel commerce. The primary goal is to improve on the customer EXPERIENCE.

In Strategic Brand Management Keller’s Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) model is based on a simple concept, in order to build a strong brand, you must shape how customers think and feel about your product.

Brand Identity: Being relevant and…

Can GOOD be measured?

Cost of Innovation (COI) is turning out to be “THE” buzzword during and after every challenging times and in crisis, when earlier priorities become a distant memory and new priorities emerge.

The introduction of something new has always been fascinating for the human race. Yet we tend to prefer being surprised and like innovations for its simplicity or similarity to our perception.

Change is exciting when we understand and cope with the loss associated to it. Enterprise transformation is no different. …

Adapting to the changing world.

From interactions of Dr. Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University, I always learn something new about the nature of adaptive leadership. As per his principles, differentiating “Technical Problems” from “Adaptive Challenges” is foundational for any transformative leadership. If it is a technical problem all that is necessary is to identify the “know-how” with managerial execution, while adaptive challenges have complex problem sets with a matrix of “work to be done”. For adaptive challenges the leadership should involve stakeholders, constituents and factions to understand the challenge and execute for innovation through out the change management.

Enterprise Transformation…

This year at the Gartner IT Symposium many leaders in attendance were taken by surprise to learn about the exponential budget allocation and the planned capital expenditure for AI by leading enterprises world wide.

While this year has been unprecedented in many ways, it also marks the beginning of a new enterprise wave, a move from being a data-driven enterprise to the AI-First or intelligence-driven enterprise.

Traditional CISO’s focus has always been on the golden triangle of Infrastructure, Data and People while the CIO’s focus on Cost, Time and Quality. …

The CIO role is changing at 10x speed. In fact Information is now taken for granted and Experience is replacing it as the business currency.

Collaborating with so many game changers at the Gartner IT Symposium 2020 in a new virtual format was indeed an experience of the changing world not only in terms of technology but also human behavior.

People centricity, location independence, resilient delivery formed the theme for this year, with “Composability” being the underlying principle of discussions.

A good metaphor for the term “composability” is a known quote from the past “If an egg is broken by…

The principal objective of an enterprise should be to secure maximum efficiency. The words “Maximum Efficiency” are used in their broad sense, to mean the development of every branch of the business to its highest state of excellence, so that the efficiencies are sustainable.

Human Machine Collaboration [HMC] is evidently the key to exponential growth across industry verticals, proving that maximum efficiency can exist only as a result of maximum productivity through collaboration.

Mass-energy equivalence from Einstein implies that even an everyday object at rest with a modest amount of mass has a very large amount of intrinsic energy. If…

The future is being built on new technologies, data, and digitization. The acronym “CIO” [Chief Information Officer] is imbued with an almost magical aura. Every industry is positively impacted with connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation, whilst every company is turning into a data-driven enterprise.

Today machines are taught to make its own decisions. Neural networks are modeled on the human brain, in which information is processed in layers and the connections between these layers are strengthened based on what is learned.

A good question to probe — Will the CIO of the future be a human, machine or a hybrid?

Insight Driven Transformation

Intelligent Enterprise transformation requires a new approach compared to the typical innovation projects of the past. Customers today expect highly personalized products and services to be delivered faster than ever before and without hassle. This expectation requires organizations to make a meaningful change in the way they operate.

What is SmartOps 360°

SmartOps 360° is a modern-age digital platform that enable organizations to re-imagine and implement an entirely new enterprise experience.

SmartOps 360° is the modern approach to leverage ties between physical and digital worlds for better visibility and actionable insights through out the enterprise life cycle…

Intelligent Enterprise Framework

Today organizations can’t ignore the need for digitization, and humanity can’t ignore the need for purpose and meaning. The best and ultimately most successful approach to enterprise transformation is one that starts with purpose, uses ongoing data with results to continuously improve and achieve sustainable growth.

Humanomy aligns organizational purpose, offers efficiencies, clarifies priorities, uncovers inconsistencies that hold back growth, simplifies decision-making, and puts human centrality at the core of enterprise strategy forming ‘Learning Enterprises’ that are connected with ecosystems to co-create value by combining diverse knowledge with data.

What is Humanomy

Humanomy is an Intelligent Enterprise…

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Technologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur.

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