The What and How of Customer Measurement!

Why is it important for Nike to have a dedicated Twitter page (@NikeService) to respond to consumers needs 24 hours a day in seven languages. One answer is ENGAGEMENT.

Why do retailer invest in technology innovations like visual search, augmented reality and omni-channel…

Can GOOD be measured?

Cost of Innovation (COI) is turning out to be “THE” buzzword during and after every challenging times and in crisis, when earlier priorities become a distant memory and new priorities emerge.

The introduction of something new has always been fascinating for the human race. Yet we…

Adapting to the changing world.

From interactions of Dr. Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University, I always learn something new about the nature of adaptive leadership. As per his principles, differentiating “Technical Problems” from “Adaptive Challenges” is foundational for any transformative leadership. If it is a technical problem all that is…

Insight Driven Transformation

Intelligent Enterprise transformation requires a new approach compared to the typical innovation projects of the past. Customers today expect highly personalized products and services to be delivered faster than ever before and without hassle. …

Intelligent Enterprise Framework

Today organizations can’t ignore the need for digitization, and humanity can’t ignore the need for purpose and meaning. The best and ultimately most successful approach to enterprise transformation is one that starts with purpose, uses ongoing data with results to continuously improve and achieve sustainable growth.


Ramesh Periasamy

Technologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur.

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