Adapting to the changing world.

From interactions of Dr. Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University, I always learn something new about the nature of adaptive leadership. As per his principles, differentiating “Technical Problems” from “Adaptive Challenges” is foundational for any transformative leadership. If it is a technical problem all that is necessary is to identify the “know-how” with managerial execution, while adaptive challenges have complex problem sets with a matrix of “work to be done”. For adaptive challenges the leadership should involve stakeholders, constituents and factions to understand the challenge and execute for innovation through out the change management.

Enterprise Transformation is in fact an adaptive challenge for organizations world wide.

Enterprise Transformation

The primary goal of Enterprise Transformation is a shift in how the organization relates to its wider economic environment. In most cases it is a fundamental change that impacts how its core business is conducted.

The four key pillars to a successful enterprise transformation:

People Alignment
Process Excellence
Technology Enablement
Experience Innovation

A successful transformation impact all levels of the organization. The Enterprise Transformation (ET) team will have to be strongly represented by all stakeholders and their constituents.

As all great changes begin from the inside, the Operating Model which impacts COST is a good candidate to start the transformation from.

Operating Model Impact: (Internal)

Core Business Process
Operational Infrastructure and Technology
Organizational Structure, Governance and Risk Controls
People and Culture

Followed by the Business Model transformation which impacts REVENUE.

Business Model Impact: (External)

Brand Proposition
Customers & Suppliers

Leadership is always about the work to be done. Successful enterprise transformation requires leadership with both formal and in-formal authority. And the key is to always remember that Enterprise Transformation is not a one-time task, on the other hand it is a continuum with an innovative pursuit to create and capture value in every bit of the business.

“Enterprise Transformation is an unyielding pursuit of creating and capturing value organization wide”- Ramesh Periasamy

Technologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur.