ForeSync™- Zero-Latency Framework for The Self-healing Enterprise

Ramesh Periasamy
2 min readOct 15, 2020


The principal objective of an enterprise should be to secure maximum efficiency. The words “Maximum Efficiency” are used in their broad sense, to mean the development of every branch of the business to its highest state of excellence, so that the efficiencies are sustainable.

Human Machine Collaboration [HMC] is evidently the key to exponential growth across industry verticals, proving that maximum efficiency can exist only as a result of maximum productivity through collaboration.

Mass-energy equivalence from Einstein implies that even an everyday object at rest with a modest amount of mass has a very large amount of intrinsic energy. If energy is the capacity to do work, this might be the time to evolve the productivity formula from being simple ratio of output to input [P = O/I] but rather as a measure that captures everything that is not captured as labor, capital or material productivity.

As technology advances, and particularly as artificial intelligence is no longer the exclusive domain of a few large companies, any enterprise has access to the tools and know-how to embark on the journey to become a Self-Driving Organization (SDO). Digital transformation, and with it the automation of tasks and entire business processes, is one of the crucial levers to become an efficient organization.

ForeSync — The Zero-Latency Organization

The 5 levers of The Zero Latency Enterprise

• Data Latency
• Analytics Latency
• Action Latency
• Feedback Latency
• Compliance Latency

ForeSync™ Decision Optimization Goals

• Making more accurate decisions that provide better outcomes
• Making faster decisions
• Eliminating errors like biases
• Accommodating the benefits of human judgments like intuitions
• Building a self-healing enterprise

Self-Driving Organization [SDO] is an enterprise that delivers customer value in a fully self-sufficient, machine-driven manner. With advanced process visibility, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation there is a lot of ambition among businesses to move along the journey toward the autonomous enterprise.

Zero-Latency is a Key Driver of Self-Driving Organization

Corporations today are in a race to transform their organizations and processes for a thoroughly digital and connected world to boost their efficiency and reap competitive advantages. Massive advances in artificial intelligence and its sub-discipline of machine learning in particular have laid the foundation for accelerating technology-driven change.

Enterprise transformations still have a dismal success rate, Business leaders therefore need to develop a transformation strategy that ensures their enterprise evolves into a Zero Latency Enterprise [ZLE].

In Part 2 of this chain we will delve deep into the 5 latencies and learn about the modern approaches to achieve a sustainably self-driving organization.

Operational efficiency will always be an understatement in the modern world of relevancy .” - Ramesh Periasamy



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