Insight Driven Transformation

Intelligent Enterprise transformation requires a new approach compared to the typical innovation projects of the past. Customers today expect highly personalized products and services to be delivered faster than ever before and without hassle. This expectation requires organizations to make a meaningful change in the way they operate.

What is SmartOps 360°

SmartOps 360° is a modern-age digital platform that enable organizations to re-imagine and implement an entirely new enterprise experience.

SmartOps 360° is the modern approach to leverage ties between physical and digital worlds for better visibility and actionable insights through out the enterprise life cycle. SmartOps examines the importance of key emerging technologies on business decision-making from strategy through operations to speed up business processes, predict outcomes, create more engaging and personalized customer interactions, and ultimately, recommend the best approach to take when evaluating a business problem.

SmartOps 360° enables just-in-time data-driven action.

SmartOps 360° — Insight Driven Transformation
SmartOps 360° — Insight Driven Transformation

SmartOps 360° is not just about analytics, AI platform, devices and robotics, customer experience, or cloud, it is about all of these technologies used in combination to support new business models.

The 5 Pillars of SmartOps 360° : Insight Driven Transformation

• Data Management
• Enterprise Automation
• Decision Acceleration
• Experience Intelligence
• Enterprise Security

The 7 tenets of SmartOps 360°

1. Speed-Value Ratio : embed a speed-to-value metric to the strategy development and execution of the transformation for value creation and value capture across the enterprise.

2. Experience Innovation : employ rigorous cultural alignment and change management constructs throughout all levels of the organization.

3. Continuous Improvement : approach to assessing the business model, operating model and execution of that model against the strategic and financial objectives of the business and the dynamic market environment.

4. Fluid Design : develop flexible value chain oriented capability constructs leveraging human experience, process improvements , information and modern technology architectures.

5. Closed-Loop Processes : leverage enterprise process governance and lean design principles in designing and implementing effective processes.

6. Empowered Enablement : enable business process design and change management with data analytics for an effective learning organization.

7. Self-Governance : provide structured, self-governing management of the transformation program.

“Adaptation is the microscopic mechanism behind any kind of learning and higher-level acquisition of knowledge.”- Ramesh Periasamy

Technologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur.