Top CIO Attributes — WHO, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN.

The future is being built on new technologies, data, and digitization. The acronym “CIO” [Chief Information Officer] is imbued with an almost magical aura. Every industry is positively impacted with connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation, whilst every company is turning into a data-driven enterprise.

Today machines are taught to make its own decisions. Neural networks are modeled on the human brain, in which information is processed in layers and the connections between these layers are strengthened based on what is learned.

A good question to probe — Will the CIO of the future be a human, machine or a hybrid?

Irrespective of the WHO, let us ponder on the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT of the CIO role.

My exposure to CIO’s from varied industries has given these three common pain points of WHY a great CIO is critical for enterprise success.

Addressing aging systems and long-standing data issues;
Driving a business strategy that harnesses the value of a wide range of new, powerful technologies;
Maximizing the value and security of current environment;

The HOW can be normalized at the least to below five questions.

Translate technology potential into full-fledged business strategy;
Executional insight and fortitude to turn digital potential into true business opportunity;
Drive innovation and revenue-generating ideas throughout the business;
Building platforms and adjusting organizational operating model;
Run the business, drive predictive insights and deliver personalization;

The WHAT of the CIO can be attributed to a Top 10 C’s list.

Culture Innovation [People, Competency, Communication]
Conceptualization & Convergence
[ Empowerment, Cross Functionality]
Continuity Management
[On-Demand, Experience Management]
Cost Optimization
[Commercialization, Monetization, Profitability]
Customer Centrality
[External/Internal] [Uptime, Performance, Feedback Loop]
Common Values
[Collaboration, Business Strategy Alignment, Revenue Attribution ]
Compliance & Governance
[Engagement Intelligence]
Change Leadership
[Enterprise Transformation]
Challenge Clarity & Creative Modernization
[Technology, Opportunity, Sustainability, Capability Enhancement]
Connections & Community
[Association, Influence, Contributions]

Of course the CIO has to build himself/herself into an extra-ordinary planner to tackle the WHEN. Well for the CIO the WHEN is always now and the WHERE is always everywhere!!!

“Attitude, Association, Influence and Contributions are the key pillars for transformation” — Ramesh Periasamy



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