TXO (Total Experience Officer) the new “CIO”

The CIO role is changing at 10x speed. In fact Information is now taken for granted and Experience is replacing it as the business currency.

Collaborating with so many game changers at the Gartner IT Symposium 2020 in a new virtual format was indeed an experience of the changing world not only in terms of technology but also human behavior.

People centricity, location independence, resilient delivery formed the theme for this year, with “Composability” being the underlying principle of discussions.

A good metaphor for the term “composability” is a known quote from the past “If an egg is broken by outside force, LIFE ends. If broken by inside force LIFE begins.” Empowering your people with the right tools will always be a major factor in breaking the status quo.

CIO’s world wide had no choice but to respond with agility to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation all year long. Gartner’s thought leadership on organizational plasticity echoed the general sentiments of the changing conditions and the necessity to compose a winning strategy for the new normal both in terms of technology and experience management.

Key take-aways of the symposium in no particular order.

HyperAutomation : for the “Digital-first” world.

AI Embedding : Enterprise AI Model management with reliable and scalable ModelOps.

Anywhere Operations: Enable anyone to access any digital asset securely from anywhere creating a cybersecurity mesh design.

Internet of Behaviors and Total Experience Management : Digital twin vigilance with privacy-enhancing computing.

Distributed Cloud : Execution at the point of need.

Composable Enterprise : Adaptiveness as a core capability of the self-learning organization.

It is clear to me that the information age is paving way to the new Experience age and it is time for every CIO to transform into the new TXO.

“Simultaneously strengthen modern applications and support traditional workloads have become the first-order task of the CIO.”- Ramesh Periasamy

Technologist, Inventor, Entrepreneur.